We want to build an ethical digital undressing machine. How could this work?


In the realm of sextech, AI-powered tools have significant potential for misuse, particularly with the rise of Deepfake technology that can manipulate appearances with convincing realism. Existing so-called Deepnude software often utilizes non-consensual images for training, enabling the virtual undressing of individuals without their permission.

Our team is developing a virtual undressing machine for the reboot of the festival on sex and technology Arse Elektronika 2023. The Undressing Mirror aims to demonstrate the ethical use of this technology, using images of diverse and consenting individuals, both on the training and the inference side.

For training the undressing AI, the development team committed to using nude photographs exclusively by people who agreed to be part of the dataset, featuring consenting and diverse individuals in both training and inference phases. The training data was collected just for this AI model and deleted after the final training. The training happened without registering gender, sex, skin colour, age or body type. If the audience agrees to be virtually undressed, they can place themselves in front of the virtual mirror and will see how the machine imagines them naked.

More technical details are coming soon. Stay tuned to see how this technology works, it’s capabilities and drawbacks.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to write us: register@nudemirror.me

Who are we?

We are Natalia an Artificial Intelligence researcher, Kat a philosopher and Toma a computer scientist.